IV Certification Denver


When considering IV therapy, you might be concerned about the requirements for IV certification having been met by the professional that’s administering your treatment. While this is a completely reasonable and understandable thing to worry about, IV professionals working for a legitimate office must undergo IV approval courses and meet requirements to work in Colorado. IV certification Denver considers the practice of IV therapy as seriously as any other procedure in the medical field, by ensuring that requirements are met before a technician is ever hired.

This means that you can rest assured that a random person cannot walk into a business and work as an IV technician without receiving proper certification and training. IV hydration offices are responsible for verifying that a technician is qualified to perform work to protect both their company and their patients from any harm that could result in the practice of untrained technicians.

Approval Courses for IV Certification Denver

For an IV technician to work in the state of Colorado, they must first complete courses in IV certification. Upon completing certification for IV therapy, a technician can be expected to be knowledgeable and skilled in venipuncture and safe equipment practices. Some of the certification topics studied include laboratory procedures, phlebotomy techniques, safety protocol, and medical terminology.

IV professionals working in the state of Colorado have to complete hands-on clinical training before receiving certification. Many technicians become certified along with having other professional licenses, like EMTs, paramedics, and nurses. Without previous professional experience, the requirements for IV certification include college credits and at least one hundred hours of clinical work. After a mixture of college credits, related professional experience, and clinical hours, a potential technician must sit for and pass the state certification exam.

Courses to receive an IV therapy certification must be approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

The Certified IV Therapy Technician

Receiving therapy from a licensed, reputable IV professional is as safe as heading into a doctor’s office for a standard treatment. Therapists are trained IV professionals with your health, safety, and privacy kept in mind when you, the patient, receive IV hydration. Practices must be clean, and both equipment and solutions are sterilized at the same grade as equipment and solutions used and administered at hospitals.

You’re in professional hands with Denver IV professionals. Not only are IVs administered by technicians with years of experience in healthcare, they’re compassionate and qualified to answer any questions that you have about the process so that you can feel comfortable during your treatment and gain back your quality of life. Their goal is to alleviate the effects of illness and dehydration, but ensuring your relaxation during the process is another important aspect of treatment.

Your IV technician understands that you might have concerns or be apprehensive about treatment, especially if it’s your first time receiving IV hydration. Through IV certification Denver, these professionals have learned how to handle every patient’s situation with care, while appreciating that each person is different and may need a differing extent of reassurance of their safety. Feel free to ask questions.