The science is simple…

What is IV TherapyOur bodies are mostly water, right? And yet the reality is, most of us are partially dehydrated almost all the time. Now add an illness or hangover, and it causes us to dehydrate further. Your brain is just a big sponge full of fluid, and when alcohol or illness dehydrates us, that sponge dries out, leaving us with a pounding headache. By the time we realize it and start trying to hydrate, we’re already way behind. Drink as much water as you want—only about 50% will get absorbed, and it usually takes several hours before you’re rehydrated and feeling better again. The quickest and most effective way to relieve the dehydration and replace vitamins and electrolytes is through IV therapy. In roughly half an hour, we can deliver a liter of fluids with electrolytes and vitamins directly into your bloodstream, resulting in the quickest and most effective form of rehydration.

What is IV Therapy?

IV or Intravenous Therapy is the infusion of fluids directly into the bloodstream using a minimally invasive procedure. By using IV administration, 100% of the dose of nutrients, vitamins, and fluids is absorbed, and the nutrients are immediately available to the cells, tissues, and organs. This is ideal for rapid rehydration as well as various wellness benefits including improved immune health, stress relief, better sleep, increased energy, and replenishing nutrient deficiencies in the body.

IV therapy will help to relieve hangovers, flu symptoms, jet lag, exercise fatigue, food poisoning, and general exhaustion with an IV drip of a hospital-grade sterile saline solution. In addition to saline, a variety of supplemental vitamins and antioxidants including glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, or a multivitamin combination may be added to any IV treatment. Instead of enduring you symptoms or going in for an inconvenient and expensive clinic visit, let us come to you!